Beach Picnic

Beach picnics are great occasion for the whole family to have fun day together. The combination of sun, sand and the ocean are always promising for funny activities. All is fun and games until someone starts craving for food and everyone else also get hungry. Instead of leaving the beach and pack all your belongings and go to the expensive nearby restaurant you could as well organize your own picnic meal. While this idea might seem amazing at first you have some annoying things to worry about. The sand will get in your food, wind will move your things around and salty water can spoil your meal. There are also seagulls to keep in mind, they will try to steal your food at every chance they get. But don’t let that put you off, meals at the beach are easier to prepare than you think, all you have to do is plan in advance and arrive ready. This is why we prepared this guide for you to help you plan your next beach picnic.

  1. Basics First

Sunglasses, good supply of sun lotion and plenty of water. You can freeze water bottles at home so the water will stay cooler for longer.

  1. Bring your weather shield or umbrella

Eating your meal when the sun is hot in the afternoon is very unpleasant thing to do. This is why umbrella or weather shield is essential.

  1. Bring portable table that won’t fall over on the sand

You could rely on your picnic blanket and cooler tops to put your plates but investment in good portable picnic table will make your beach picnic experience so much more pleasant.

  1. Picnic blanket and beach chairs

Don’t just bring any blanket but find the biggest size that you have. This will prevent sand getting into your food. For more comfort you could also bring your beach chairs or sun lounger.

  1. Bring food that is easy to eat so you don’t have to bring too many plates and utensils.

Good choice for beach picnic are fruits like grapes, apples, oranges, raw vegetables like carrots that go great with dips like hummus, finger sandwiches, if you really have to eat cheese French Brie or Camembert will melt deliciously on the sun.

  1. Plenty of tissues and wipes, baby wipes work the best.

Because sand will get close to your food anyway wet wipes will be your best friend to rinse your hands. Rinsing hands in the sea will leave them sticky so use wipes.

  1. Prepare cocktails in advance

Because you are at the beach it doesn’t get legal to consume alcohol outdoors and some beaches are particularly strict on this policy. If you prepare your favorite cocktail at home in advance you could pack it in innocent looking bottle and no one would notice.

  1. Bring plastic utensils and rubbish bags so you can throw everything away at the end

Why bother bringing your regular utensils when you could just use plastic and throw everything away at the end. Also your dishwasher might get damaged from the sand when you do the washing after.

  1. Bring some fun games to play after the meal

It could make all the difference to your kids if you will plan some engaging activities for your day at the beach. Bring a ball or frisbee, badminton or playing cards are a good start.

  1. Have Fun

You are at the beach and the main point is that you have fun and hopefully after reading this post you will know how to have better beach picnic meal as well.

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