Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic food idea #1 Mediterranean Picnic Cob Loaf

You can stick anything in it if you don’t have fresh Mediterranean vegetables, just make sure there is some wet mixture like pickled peppers, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar…  The more you add to it better this picnic dish becomes.

Picnic food idea #2 Potato salad

This simple potato salad is truly popular picnic food idea. It comes in many varieties, whether you’re looking for light and healthy or thick and creamy it will surly make perfect picnic side dish

Picnic food idea #3 Grilled vegetables gazpacho soup

Appetizing chilled summer soup. Grilled vegetables give this picnic side dish distinctive smoky flavor and because it’s served chilled it will be great refreshment in the hot summer day for all your picnic folks.

Picnic food idea #4 No cook festival burrito

This vegan picnic wrap doesn’t require any cooking and is our favorite choice for vegan picnic food.

Picnic food idea #5 Beet feta dip

Heavenly dip served great with crackers or as a dip with vegetables. It is great solution to have something to snack with a glass of wine.

Picnic food idea # 6 Buttermilk-Soaked Bacon-Fried Chicken in Gravy

It is probably hard to get better combination than this, fried chicken with gravy and soaked in  bacon on top.

Picnic food idea #7 Roasted tomato & pancetta picnic quiches

These little quiches are very easy and quick to make. Are great for entertaing the kinds, picnic parties and more.



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